Wall Art

Choose from an assortment of professionally made, high quality wall art pieces.

With many Modern and Classic styles available, you are sure to find the perfect piece for your space.

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High Gloss Metal

These stunning pieces are a definite "eye-catcher".

Rich, vibrant colours come to life with these aluminum prints.

Whether it is a fall scene in the mountains or a colourful rust image, the HG Metal brings out the best in every image!

Metal prints come ready to hang, complete with metal hanger bars on the back and Z-clip(s) for mounting it on the wall.  This hanging option floats the print away from the wall approximately a 1/2 inch, giving it a sleek, modern look.

Metal prints are also available as is, without hanger bars, if you have something else in mind.

There is also the opportunity to custom frame your metal print, if your heart desires.  Metal can be flush or float mounted in a vast selection of frames, to match any décor.

High Gloss Metal is also available as DESK ART (link ) and in COLLECTIONS (link)

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This classic style of printing has stood the test of time and is still very popular today.

Canvas wraps are available in a 7oz fabric, which is stretched around a wooden frame in varying sizes.

Generally these pieces come with the image wrapped around the frame, visible on all edges. This does not works with all photographs as crucial parts of the image may be wrapped around. For this reason, there is an option to add a black, white or coloured border to the edges instead.

There are two different styles of Canvas available, Premium Fine Art and Traditional.  The main difference, aside from the way they are produced, is that the Traditional Canvas has a more metallic look to it, which really lends to a lot of my highly saturated, colourful work.

Premium Fine Art - The image is printed directly onto the canvas fabric by an inkjet printer

Traditional  - The image is printed on Metallic photo paper which is then heat-transferred onto the canvas fabric. This type of photo paper has a metallic sheen to it, which is very evident in the final outcome of the canvas, giving it a shimmer effect.

Both types of canvas are finished with a protective coating to ensure it lasts a lifetime. Two options are available - Satinex or Mattex. Satinex has a glossier finish than the Mattex, which has more of a matte finish and dulls the sheen somewhat.

These canvas wall art pieces come ready to hang, with various hanging options available, dependant on size of the piece. 

Further information is detailed in HANGING OPTIONS (link)

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Custom Framed Print

Nothing feels quite like a new piece of art than a custom framed print!

All photographic prints are professionally printed on high quality Kodak Endura paper, in either Metallic or Lustre finish, with the choice of protective laminate/ liquid coating. The print is press mounted onto a hard Masonite board (1/8" thick) which is then framed in your choice of custom frame. 

Custom wooden frames are available in a wide variety of colours and styles.

See a selection of frame mouldings here FRAMES (link)

Enquire for custom style mouldings here - link to form

Classic Custom Framed Prints come ready to hang, with a variety of hanging options available.

Further information on these options is provided here HANGING OPTIONS (link)


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Image Block Wall Art

Image Block

This contemporary piece of wall art is sure to impress!

It looks like a canvas but it is not a canvas!!!

It is a photographic print on Kodak Endure E Surface Lustre Paper that is coated with a protective Lustre laminate, giving it a very matte finish.

The print is mounted on a very lightweight block of foam, available in 3/4" and 1 1/2" depths, with black edging.

The Image Block comes ready to hang, with holes drilled in the foam back, ensuring it hangs flush to the wall.

This wall art piece will appeal to those that prefer a more muted print, with less gloss and reflection.

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Edged Masonite

This thin, sleek wood wall art piece is suitable for any décor.

The photograph is printed on Metallic or Lustre Kodak Endura Paper and laminated with one of three protective finishes, Lustre, Leather or Brush.

The print is then heat mounted to a hard Masonite board, that is only 1/8" thick.

To complete the piece, the edges are beveled and foiled in black, making it ready for display.

There are a number of options available for hanging the Edged Masonite.

Further information is available at HANGING OPTIONS (link)

You are not limited as to how you can display this sleek product.

Edged Masonite is also available as DESK ART (link)

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The Acrylic wall art piece is a bit of a show-stopper!

Premium Metallic paper is face mounted to the acrylic, adding depth to the image, and creating an art piece that has a 3D  appearance to it. 

Acrylic is available in two thicknesses - 3.0mm and 4.5mm

What's the difference, you ask? 1.5 mm :)

To complete this elegant piece, a light blocker is applied to the back of the print, the edges are polished for a smooth finish and the hanging hardware is attached.

The hanging options for this piece include two different types of hanger bars, allowing it to float off the wall.  The U--channel or Nielson hanger bars can be used on pieces up to 24x36. Larger pieces will require the Neilson moulding, due to the weight of the acrylic.

Further information is available at HANGING OPTIONS (link)

Acrylic is also available as DESK ART (link) and in COLLECTIONS (link)


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Wall Calendar


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Collections on Collagewall

This easy-to-hang collage system will bring a smile to your face as it is sure to turn any wall, big or small, into a "feature wall".

Numerous templates are available, ranging in overall size from 1.5'x1' to 5'x3', containing a variety of pieces. The larger the Collagewall™, the more impact it is sure to have! 

Individual panels are also available. served a la carte.

Additional templates, or individual panels, can be added to an existing collage to expand your wall art display.

This is the perfect option for the collector that cannot decide on just one piece. It is also a great option for those that want one or two pieces now, and plan to expand their collection in the future.

There are only certain sizes available, specific to this product, as the display configurations are precisely designed so that the panel pieces are spaced out evenly, with 1" margins.

Panels will float 1/4" from the wall, which adds an appealing shadow to the wall display.

A paper grid template is provided with each collection, along with aluminum push-in pegs for hanging. Each panel has a thick paper socket on the back to grip the pegs.

The grid layout and instructions indicate where each push-in peg is to go, ensuring the perfect layout every time.

These displays are available in three different wall art styles.

Black Plexi - Metallic or Lustre paper is mounted on 3mm polished Black Plexi and coated with a protective laminate 

Acrylic - Metallic paper is face mounted behind 3mm polished Acrylic 

High Gloss Metal - Photo is dye sublimated onto 1mm aluminum, specially coated for a glossy finish and highly saturated colours

I have curated a number of collections that feature a cohesive selection of images in a variety of genres. The images I have selected work perfectly with each template chosen. 

Custom collections are available and encouraged. I would love to consult with you on this.

I am excited to see which images you would include in your own personal feature wall!

See how easy it is to precisely hang a Collagewall™ in this VIDEO (link from CollageWall site)

List of  the various DISPLAY CONFIGURATIONS (link) available


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"Collagewall" is a registered trademark of Collagewall Inc. U.S. Patent No. 8,333,026

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Custom Order


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