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Stylish, sophisticated, fine art pieces that will give your home décor an edge!

This classic style of printing has stood the test of time and is still very popular today.

Canvas wraps are available in a 7oz fabric, which is stretched around a wooden frame in varying sizes.

Generally these pieces come with the image wrapped around the wooden frame, visible on all edges.

This does not works with all photographs as crucial parts of the image may be wrapped around.

For this reason, there is an option to add a black, white or coloured border to the edges instead.

There are two different styles of Canvas available, Premium Fine Art and Traditional. 

The main difference, aside from the way they are produced, is that the Traditional Canvas has a more metallic look to it, which really lends to a lot of my highly saturated, colourful work.

Premium Fine Art - The image is printed directly onto the canvas fabric by an inkjet printer

Traditional  - The image is printed on Metallic photo paper which is then heat-transferred onto the canvas fabric.

This type of photo paper has a metallic sheen to it, which is very evident in the final outcome of the canvas, giving it a shimmer effect.

All canvases are finished with a protective coating to ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Two options are available - Satinex or Mattex. Satinex has a glossier finish than the Mattex, which has more of a matte finish and dulls the sheen somewhat.

These canvas wall art pieces come ready to hang, with various hanging options available, dependant on size of the piece. 

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Canvas prints come ready to hang with your choice of open or paper-backed

Custom framing options are also available (Link)

"The texture of the canvas makes it look like a painting!"

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