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Turn any wall, big or small, into a "feature wall"

Collections on Collagewall™

Numerous templates are available, ranging in overall size from 1.5'x1' to 5'x3', containing a variety of pieces.

The larger the Collagewall™, the more impact it is sure to have! 

Individual panels are also available. served a la carte.

Additional templates, or individual panels, can be added to an existing collage to expand your wall art display.

This is the perfect option for the collector that cannot decide on just one piece.

It is also a great option for those that want one or two pieces now, and plan to expand their collection in the future.

There are only certain sizes available, specific to this product, as the display configurations are precisely designed so that the panel pieces are spaced out evenly, with 1" margins.

Panels will float 1/4" from the wall, which adds an appealing shadow to the wall display.

A paper grid template is provided with each collection, along with aluminum push-in pegs for hanging.

Each panel has a thick paper socket on the back to grip the pegs.

The grid layout and instructions indicate where each push-in peg is to go, ensuring the perfect layout every time.

These displays are available in three different wall art styles.

Black Plexi - Metallic or Lustre paper is mounted on 3mm polished Black Plexi and coated with a protective laminate

 Acrylic - Metallic paper is face mounted behind 3mm polished Acrylic 

High Gloss Metal - Photo is dye sublimated onto 1mm aluminum, specially coated for a glossy finish and highly saturated colours

I have curated a number of collections that feature a cohesive selection of images in a variety of genres. The images I have selected work perfectly with each template chosen. 

Custom collections are available and encouraged. I would love to consult with you on this.

I am excited to see which images you would include in your own personal feature wall!

See how easy it is to precisely hang a Collagewall™ in this VIDEO (link from CollageWall site)

List of  the various DISPLAY CONFIGURATIONS (link)


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"Collagewall" is a registered trademark of Collagewall Inc. U.S. Patent No. 8,333,026

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"This easy-to-hang collage system will bring a smile to your face"

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